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database workflow for incoming PORTFOLIOS and RESUMES (prospective new user)

Question asked by JonathanChertok on Jan 1, 2014


database workflow for incoming PORTFOLIOS and RESUMES (prospective new user)


     hi all,


     i am hoping for a little expertise on managing some incoming emails and attachments. i am currently in the process of organizing a reasonably large number of incoming emails and attachments (these are CV/Resumes and attached portfolios as pdfs or images or other file types).


right now i am wondering if i should just go ahead and buy FileMaker or if this is overkill and there is some other way to do this.


i have been looking at buying Filemaker for a long time and if it is possible to get specific instructions on how to organize this first set of problems (so i can get it off my plate) it would be a nice way to get started using FileMaker.


thanks in advance for any help,





the problem:


we have a whole bunch of this kind of incoming job information and in the last year or so i decided to go ahead and set up a GMail IMAP FOLDERS with the NAME of the /kind/ of job application that was being sent ("floor sweeper" or "laundry" or whatever. then i would MOVE each incoming email into this FOLDER. this was really nice since it meant that i had access to this information on both my machines and my iPhone simply by going to the IMAP folder from within Mac Mail or GMail or even on GMail web based access.


it was also really nice since GMail seems to TAG each email with the folder or folders that it is contained within so there was this immediately identifiable tag. so some of these emails could be in a 2013 folder and they would show up with the tag "2013" and the tag of the subfolder "floor sweeper" which could be exceptionally useful for me.


however, i also have to be able to access the ATTACHED pdf, pages, doc, jpg or other file type that came with the email since opening these all the time is really tedious and just looking at the emails is a little useless. SO, more recently i have gone ahead and DOWNLOADED all the attachments and labeled these with the LAST NAME of the sender along with the HEADER of the email appended to this. this way i see these attachments by SENDER LAST NAME which is uber helpful. however, i have not gone ahead and created FOLDERS to sort this information since this is also really tedious. instead i just see this information in Coverflow or in QuickView and scroll through it uber quickly.


even more lately (like this week) i have gone ahead and PRINTED the emails in the various folders to PDF and added these emails in SUBFOLDERS that are named according to the type of job application. they have the senders' last name in the front like the attachments but i wanted to retain the sort organization that i applied earlier to the incoming emails.


i know this is rather boring but a close read will see that i am now at the point where i would like TAG the PDF of the emails with the type of job application (maybe for instance they need /two/ tags instead of just one because they qualify for two types of positions) - and i would also like to go back and TAG the attachments (i can do this pretty easily since they already have the last name added to them and since i can find the last name from the EMAIL that is in a folder that already has one "Tag" associated with it.


i am coming from PC and even when in PC i didn't really deal with databases and i am wondering if this is something for FileMaker or if ther is another way to handle this. i'd LOVE to have all the FILES accessible on the Cloud like i was able to access the emails and of course it would be awesome if the files and the emails were able to be seen together without printing to PDF but i am assuming this is unrealistic. that said, it would be simply awesome if i could just get everything together so i could SEE IT and SORT it by Tags.


does printing the emails to PDF and downloading the attachments make sense?


if so, is FileMaker the next step?


i am on Mavericks on the laptop and Mountain Lion (unalbe to upgrade to Mavericks ATM) on the desktop (which is where i do this work).


thanks for the read and THANKS in advance for any help