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Database/file immidiately closes upon being opened

Question asked by NicoleCiemniak on Aug 5, 2014
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Database/file immidiately closes upon being opened


     After making what seemed like a benign change, my database file closed, and when I try to reopen the file, it opens again for half a second and then closes again. Notably, the FileMaker program itself does not crash.

     I set a script containing only the commands, "Show all records" and "Sort Records" to run On Layout Enter, which seemed to be the last change that I made before it started closing like this. Does anyone know of a way to make it so that the file does not immediately close, so that I can make changes and figure out what the issue is? I realize this is not a normal filemaker issue, but I am hoping someone might have an idea!

     (Note: I am using FileMaker Pro 11)