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    Databse Relationship Invalid



      Databse Relationship Invalid


      I am attempting to use a portal to connect two realted tables. I have a series of images for one object in my database. I am trying to link the smaller images to a table with larger images so the users can view details. When I set up the portal, no images appear. When I set up a button to connect the tables, I receive an error message saying that the relationship is invalid.

      Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?



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          Hi Kathy. You can't link tables with container fields.


          You have to link them based on a text field or a number field, date field, etc.


          Let's say you have LargerImages table and SmallImages table.


          LargerImages should have two main fields - A serial number which is your key, and the container field for the images.


          The smallImages table should have two main fields, a number field and a container field for the smaller images.


          Link the two tables using LargerImages' serial number field and smallImages number field.


          Make sure you check the box that says allow creation of record via this relationship in the smallImages field if you want to add them via a portal.


          Then, when you add records to the smallImages, just enter the LargeImage ID into the smallImage number field and they will appear via a portal, relationship, etc.


          Hope this helps! 

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            Hi deltatango,


            Thanks for the fast response. I did link the tables based on a number field. The trouble may be that I have multiple images for the same number. Should I add another number field so that I can give each large image a unique number? Should I put all the large images on one record with the number that I have now? Sorry to be so slow on the uptake. I only just started using Filemaker about 4 weeks ago and this is my first database. 

            Thanks again,


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              No problem.


              When I started using filemaker about 7 years ago, there were no forums, no tech support, so I know what you're going through!!!


              I would make each large image a different record, not add multiple number fields.


              If you have to see multiple large images as well, then just make another table and link like this like this:


              MAIN TABLE (PROJECT) serial_numberProject

              LARGE IMAGES number_field_linkstoProjectID, serial_numberLarge

              SMALL IMAGES number_field_linkstoLargeID, serial_numberSmall


              OR JUST DO:


              LARGE IMAGES ---- SMALL IMAGES


              Each large image has a unique id to link small images to. 


              Hope that makes sense. feel free to ask for more help! 


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                Here's what I have. A table named LP Recordings where each LP has a unique accession number (ex. 2008.1.735). I want to relate a table named Recordings Images which has images of the front/back covers and record label Sides A & B. I have the tables connected Accession Number to Accession Number.

                Recordings Images has the fields:

                Accession Number

                Image Name (ie. Front Cover, Label 1, etc.)

                Image (the container field with the picture)


                I want a portal in LP Recordings that the user can scroll down through the images, then click a button for the image he wants to see enlarged.


                I managed to set up a portal for the individual tracks on the LP that works fine. I linked that table with the Matrix Number. I don't want to use thisnumber because many LPs were issued with different cover art, but the same Matrix Number.


                I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If there is a way I can attach a picture of my relationship graph let me know and I will do so.


                Many thanks,



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                  that would help. send me an image.


                  Contact me via private message (top of this screen - right side - X Messages) to make arrangements. 

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                       I sent you a file. Hopefully you got it.
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                      I have sent you a private message (top of this screen - right side - just below the blue bar - X Messages).



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