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Date and time buttons in IWP

Question asked by KellieW on Dec 15, 2010
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Date and time buttons in IWP


I'm a very new FileMaker Pro user.  I've designed a super simple data base to time track tasks in the office.  On the desk top version everything works.  I've got buttons to insert the date, start time, end time and one to calculate the elapsed time.  I added one open a new record.  

When I web publish the new record button works perfectly.  The insert date and start time seem to only fill in once I've hit the button after each one.  I cannot get the end time to insert at all.  The total time pops in as soon as I enter a start time.  It calculates time from zero hour to the start time (start time of 4:15 PM leads to total time of -16:15).

I added the new record button to see if I was having some general inability to put any functioning buttons into the page.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated,