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Date Calculation

Question asked by Rainman on Mar 22, 2013
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Date Calculation


     Hi All,

     Could anyone please write me a calculation for... (I don't know if it even possible??)

     I have fields

     1. Current Date

     2. Current Date +- 1 week  (Wendsday)

     3. Current Date +- 2 weeks  (Wendsday)

     4. Current Date +-3 weeks  (Wendsday)

     5. Current Date +- 5 weeks  (Wendsday)

     6. Current Date +- 12 weeks  (Wendsday)


     And i want to calculate a in fields 2-6 date that always will be WENDSDAY 

     So for exm. if today is 22.mar.2013 in field 2 i would like to generate 27 mar. 2013 wendsday


     Thanks a LOT!