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    Date Calculation



      Date Calculation


      I have an exam date (the current date) and I need to calculate a date that is 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years depending on what box is checked.  Is this possible and if so could you give me a hint?




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          Say you have a date entered into a field named DateField

          Date ( Month ( DateField ) + 1 ; Day ( DateField  ) ; Year ( DateField ) )

          will compute a date 1 month later than the date in DateFIeld

          Date ( Month ( DateField ) ; Day ( DateField  ) ; Year ( DateField ) + 1 )

          will compute a date 1 year later.

          But you'll have to watch out for dates with day values from 29 - 31. The calculation will return a valid date, but it will adjust to return a value near the start of the following month when the resulting month, day, year values would otherwise produce a date with a day not possible for the specified month.

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            Thanks yet again misterPhilModJunk!!