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Date Calculation (Days Elapsed / Open) Not Refreshing

Question asked by DominickReda on Mar 5, 2012
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Date Calculation (Days Elapsed / Open) Not Refreshing



I'm using FMP to track various items. In a form, I have a "Date Observed" field as well as a "Days Open" field. The "Days Open" field has a calculation of: If ( Status="Closed" ; "-" ; Get ( CurrentDate ) - Date Observed)

If the "Status" is not closed, the calculation uses the current date and the observed date to show how many days the item has been open. It works without issue upon entry but when I go back the following day, the "Days Open" result is still the same. The only way I have been able to get it to update is by re-clicking the date obserced in the pop-up calendar. Is there some kind of refresh script I need to make?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

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