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    Date Calculation field



      Date Calculation field


           Ok, this has to be so easy but it's driving me crazy...

           I have a related table of donations made by constituents listing amount, date etc.

           What I'm wanting is a very simple calc field to give me a "yes", if these conditions are met

           Date is later than 1 January 2012 AND

           Amount is greater than $500

           I've tried a number of permutations using nested If's or Case's but nothing's doing it for me...

           So, I went back a step and created two calc fields, one that does return True if the amount is greater than $500, and a second one that is supposed to return True if the date is greater than 1/1/12 - but this doesn't work:

           If (donation_date > "01/01/2012" ; "Yes" ; "No") [donation_date is type date, calc is unstored]

           any help will be appreciated, thanks