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Date Calculation Flag

Question asked by bencraft on Aug 23, 2011
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Date Calculation Flag



Working with filemaker pro PC

Trying to make a flag output "DUE" for the following:

Date Due field is calculated by 1 year of the Date Entered Field. Then an object has text of DUE based on the due date field <= (Today)

So far I have the "DUE" flag working but it shows up even when no date is entered. How can I make it not show "DUE" even it does not have a date inputed?

These are the fields used in the calculation.

Field: Date Entered = Type Date "User Entered Date"

Field: Date Due = Calculation = Date Entered + 365

Field: Date Flag = Calculation = If(GetAsNumber(Today)>= GetAsNumber(Date Due);"DUE")
Calculation results is Text
Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty "Checked"

Field: Today = Date
Auto-enter - Creation Date "Checked"
Validation - Only during data entry "Selected"
Allow user to override during data entry "Checked"