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Date Calculation Issue in IF statement

Question asked by art_l on May 12, 2015
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Date Calculation Issue in IF statement


I am having problems with a script calculation:



IF [endDate > Get ( CurrentDate ) ;"UNAVAILABLE" ; "Available to Place"]

The error message I am getting is:

An operatori (eg. +, -, *, ...) is expected here.

and it hilites   --->          ;"UNAVAILABLE" ; "Available to Place"]

What I am trying to do is check the END date to see if, based on today's date, a contract has expired or not.   If it has, then an ALERT field has to be populated with "Available to Place".

If it has NOT expired, then the field should show, "UNAVAILABLE".

Am I doing something FMP can't do? Or, wrong syntax?

Thanks in advance.

[BTW:  is it me, or is the Forum  full of BUGS today??]