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Date calculations in filemaker

Question asked by simonbucknall on Aug 14, 2015
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Date calculations in filemaker





Apologies for the question but i am new to file maker and not familiar with databases in general so my question is probably fail simple/obvious. 


I have a database with a table containing customers bicycles details. This is linked to a table with bike service details using a unique bike code. The service details table has the date the service took place and and the bicycle details table has the service interval for the bike. I am trying to write a script that will generate an excel spreadsheet that i can use with MailChimp to email out service reminders for customers whose bikes are due a service.

The service interval in the bicycle details table is just an number e.g. 5 so was going to add 5*30 to the service date and see if it was less than the current date if so reminder is due. or set another 'service due' field with a 0 or 1. I thought the date would be simpler as the script could just perform a find on the table.

My initial thought was to somehow get the last service date in to a field in the Bicycle details table and then do the calculation from there but i don't know how to do that as a bike has several services and only need the date for the last one. 

As you can see i am somewhat confused as to the best solution to this so all help/thoughts are very welcome.

Many thanks