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Date Calculations Using Operators

Question asked by rezap on Nov 3, 2010
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Date Calculations Using Operators


I am attempting to make a calculation using one date field to calculate another date field. 



Once EndDate1 is entered into the field, I want to auto-add a day to StartDate2.


 If the user enters EndDate1 as 11/2/2010, then StartDate2 will automatically generate 11/3/2010 

I am using the Auto Enter Calculation- is this the right route to got to make this work?

Manage Database>Fields>StartDate2

I use the option to AutoEnter a calculation based on EndDate1 to make the plus 1 calculation, but I am having a problem with the formula.  Can someone please help with the formula using these operators or direct me on how to make this work? Thanks in advance.