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Date Comparisons to Determine Use Category

Question asked by bekenstein on Jun 1, 2015
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Date Comparisons to Determine Use Category


I need to create a calculation/script to assign a simple user category (Always, Sometimes, Never) that compares the most recent use date to the second most recent use date.  The majority of use dates are stored in an appointment table and do not present a problem for the comparison using the GetNthRecord function, though often there is only one appointment record per client.  Many of the second most recent use dates are self-reported and are stored in a related client table.  So, my calculation needs to determine the chronological order of appointment dates and self-report dates and sort out the comparison point.  I have successfully categorized use when looking at a single appointment compared to previous self-report dates, but I am having trouble factoring is multiple appointment records and self-report dates.