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    Date Days Due Date



      Date Days Due Date


      Another problem...

      I have a field that let's you enter a date.

      Then a field for terms.

      What i want in the Due Date field is that from the date i entered it'd add the terms so that it'd create a due date.

      Ex :

      Date : 27/02/2012

      Terms: 10 (days)

      Due Date : 08/03/2012 (this should be on this field)

      What would be the equation?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Bea,

          If <Date> is defined as a date field, and <Terms> is defined as a number field and ALWAYS refers to a number of DAYS, you can use the following calculation for the Due Date field:

                Date + Terms

          If <Terms> is defined as a text field (including the text "(days)"), you'll need to consider all the different ways data is entered in this field to determine how best to use the GetAsNumber function to extract the number of days to add.  For example:

                Date + GetAsNumber(LeftWords(Terms; 1))

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            i tried that Date+Terms = Due Date

            it does not work... =(

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              YEY!!! it worked! i just forgot to change the calculation result type...

              Thanks Sprucegum! Kiss