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    Date ENTRY format?



      Date ENTRY format?


      Hi fmp's,

      I need all of my dates to be formatted as YYMMDD, and have managed to get them all to DISPLAY this way.

      But is there no way that I can also be allowed to ENTER dates in this format?

      Please tell me if I am missing something obvious, or if filemakers special date-storing makes my request impossible.

      Thanks, EmmBee


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          No date is stored the way it is displayed. Dates in FileMaker are actually integers that count the numer of days since 12/31/0000.

          If you want to specify a date format for entering the date--as opposed to how it is displayed, you will need to get a bit creative.

          You can set up a text field for data entry and a date field with an auto-enter calcualtion that converts the text entered in the text field into a true date.

          If you have FileMaker 11, you can set up a script performed by the OnObjectValidate trigger to convert the YYMMDD text typed into the date field into a true date before the data validation kicks in and tries to tell you that you have entered an invalid date.

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            Thanks Phil,

            I knew the storage-stuff already, but I do find it weird that you cannot "sync" the display-format with the entry-format.

            I - at least - would like those two synced for all my uses of dates. But thanks for the clarification on the non-existence of this ability. I'll be looking into your suggestion instead.

            - Emmbee