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    Date field



      Date field


      Hello guys,

      i have a db that should send a birthday mail to the people born on a certain day.

      I created a script that, if the date of today, matches with the date of born of one or more clients, it should send the mail.

      It does not work because the date keep consideration also of the year and obviously a client that was born on july 7th 1960 can't receive the mail today (because today is the 7th july 2015)

      I should tell the script to take in consideration only the day and the month without the year.

      I attach the screenshot of the script.

      Thank you very very much!





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          I can't read your language, but an unstored calculation field could calculate the date of this year's birthday given the person's date of birth in a separate date field.

          Date ( Month ( birthdateField ) ; day ( BirthdateField ) ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) )

          Be sure to specify an unstored calculation and also specify that it have a Date result type.

          You can then perform a find for all records that have today's date in such a field.