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Date Field click 'simulation'.  Can I?

Question asked by synergy46 on Sep 4, 2012
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Date Field click 'simulation'.  Can I?


I have a portal (see below) that has a Date field.  When I click in that Date field a series of scripts are run resulting in, for example, the proper Year (adjacent field) being determined and set.

The Problem:

When data is imported into the latest version, it is 'out of date' because the user needs to 'click into' the Date field, select the same date that is pressent and then click out.  This refreshes, (by scripts)  several adjacent fields and it works well.

I wrote a little script to see if I could get the date field to 'refresh'.  But, no script command seems to simulate the click into the Date field and selecting the date.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Thank you.