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Date field display issue

Question asked by LeoB on Mar 10, 2011
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Date field display issue


I have a date field that's auto-entered when only certain users approve the record via a button.  The button inserts the user's name in one field and the current date in another.  That part works fine.

After the approval record button is clicked, the name inserts and is displayed normally.  However, the date field displays the computer generated date format (with a white background), not in the date display format I'm using.  Clicking anywhere else on the layout then changes the date field to the right format/color.

I tried adding to the script a Refresh Window step, but that made no difference.  I then tried a Go To Field step, and that did display the date properly but then would lead the user to believe that something must be done in that field that it goes to.

Does anybody have a tip as to how I can get the date to display my date format immediately?