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Date field for a bibliography

Question asked by adcoleman on Dec 11, 2008
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Date field for a bibliography


My previous query re mm/dd/yyy fields resulted from my work on a bibliography db.


Here's the larger problem I have: A bibliography can include three varieties of date for periodicals -- 


month, day, year (for daily or weekly or bi-weekly publications);

month, year (for monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly periodicals);

year only (for annuals and books).


Thus I need to have the ability to enter dates with either the day not indicated or the day and month not indicated. And I need the results to show, variously, as month, day year; month, year; and year only. This eliminates the standard date field as either an entry method or a repository for results, as I understand it. That's why I went to text fields for the complete date and for the separate components. Thanks to TSGal's help, I now have the same data in all these fields.


If I'm correct in assuming that I can't use a standard date field to show results that have no day date and no month entered, then what I need now is a way to go from my three separate date components -- month, day, and year -- to one consolidated result (mm/dd/yyyy).


In the records I have created so far, I have entered 12/00/2008 for a monthly magazine published in December 2008; 00/00/2008 for an entry (such as a book) published in 2008; and 12/05/2008 for a newspaper article published on December 5, 2008. But of course I don't want the 00/ to show up in the final Date field; I want that to read 5 Dec. 2008, or Dec. 2008, or just 2008, depending on the publication type.


I want all my existing records to have the Date field read that way. If I change the data in the date entry fields (the separate mm, dd, and yyyy fields), I want the Date field tto reflect the revision. And of course if I create a new record, I want the Date field to use that format for date info that I input into the date entry fields.


I assume there's a calculation that will convert what's now entered in the separate mm, dd, and yyyy fields to a text date in the Date field, or can convert the current data in the Date field to the format indicated. And I assume that calculation, or another, could do that with all such data entered from now on.


Hope this is clear enough to enable an answer. Let me know if you need more specifics.