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    Date Field Help



      Date Field Help


      Hi All,

      I'm working with a date field where we need to enter graduation & associates/bachelors degree dates. I'm running into a small issue where when we report this information to the agency we need to report to they want the field to sometimes read 66/66/6666 or 77/77/777 if the field/date is not applicable for certain reasons. When I enter those as dates, they obviously are kicked back by filemaker as an invalid format. Is there any way to avoid that error message?

      Thanks as always!

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          You'll need to use either a text field or a calculation field with a text result. such as:

          If ( ExpressiontoDetermineApplicabilityGoesHere ; YourDateField ; "66/66/6666" )

          I'd also provide the institution that you send this data to with user feedback complaining about this practice as it is not good way to do this and is an indication that they don't treat dates as actual dates. Such feedback is unlikely to produce any change in the near future, but if users don't complain, they have no reason to change their practices.

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            Thanks - that's what I assumed would have to happen but figured I would ask anyways!

            Oh - we've complained :)