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Date Field Library corruption

Question asked by ralvy on Jan 5, 2011
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Date Field Library corruption


Using FMPA 11 v2 on a Win XP SP3 box. Data Separation model.

Today I noticed that, in a particular solution, if I do an Insert Field
into any layout, and choose a Date field, my choices in the Data
Formatting section of Inspector show boxes where numbers are supposed to
be. However, if I choose to make a copy of an existing Date field in a
layout, all is well. I just can't use Insert Field for Date fields anymore.

If I do choose to use Insert Field, and choose to use a Custom Format
for a Date field, I can enter numbers in the mask, but the field will
display only boxes for numbers. I can enter data in the field, and they
appear as numbers during data entry, but when the field is saved, I see
only boxes.

Recover reports no problems with the UI file. FMDiff reports no problems
with the UI file. However, if I run Recover on the UI file, the
Recovered file doesn't have this problem. Date field formatting is back
to normal.

Is there a way to have Recover recover the appropriate library (assuming
that's the problem) without my solution being marked as having been