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    Date Fields



      Date Fields


      New to Filemaker  and have just started building my database, quick question I have a form I fill out each night that documents the work done for that day. I would like a date field for each individual visits to my customers. If I have 5 visits do I need five different fields in the date base or is there a way to have one field (date field) and have different dates? Thanks in advance.

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          It depends a little on what you want to do.

          Do you want a listing of visits per client?

          Then you could make a table called "clients" with an Id field (serial number)
          And other client information.

          Then you could make a table called "visits"with a field "ClientIdFk"

          Make a relationship between the ClientID field and the ClientIdFk field and make a layout based on the table Clients.
          In that layout add a portal based on the table "Visits"

          Then you can go to a clients information and see a listing of the visits you have done.

          This is mostly interesting if you have a lot of recurring clients.

          But from the information you have given it's not possible to know exactly what you want to achieve.

          If you need any help setting this up, please let me know. If you want I can make you a quick example.


          Long answer short, I don't think it's a good idea to have 5 date fields.
          Rather create a different table to list visits. And make a new record there per visit.