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    Date finding help



      Date finding help


      Hello, I am fairly new to Filemaker and I have a question. I am trying to create fields that will automaticaly enter dates like the second Friday of a given month and year. If you have any ideas on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks for your help

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          We need to understand the purpose and context.  Do you enter a date and then want it to display the second Friday of that date's month and year?

          Please provide more details from which we can build the calculation or response. :^)

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            Well, here is a generic answer.  I put your 'date' field within the calculation so just change it from blue Date to either your field name or Get ( CurrentDate ).

            Let ( [
            d = date ;
            first = Date ( Month ( d ) ; 1 ; Year ( d ) )
            ] ;
            first + Mod ( 6 - DayOfWeek ( first ) ; 7 ) + 7

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              Thanks so much for the reply. A bit of context here is that it is a database to store information such as due dates and completion dates for items.    

              One of the due dates happens to land on Friday of every week. I need a way to generate a field that contains the date for each Friday of that month. I have done this for other dates that land on things such as the tenth of every month by using the following calculation.

              Date (Month ( Board Meeting Date ) ; 10 ; Year ( Board Meeting Date ) )

              Obviously the field Board meeting Date contains a date that specifies the current month and year.