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Date Format

Question asked by ggangarossa on Aug 28, 2009
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Date Format


So i've seen posts about it but no clear resolution. To Get started i'm very laymen when it comes to file maker so I need clear instructions to fix this issue

I have a database with multiple date fields. if I enter a numeric date (which is required) it inputs fine but it then converts it to long format date (ie. Input 1/1/2009 I see "January 1, 2009") in the field. 1st off I don't want to see the long format, I prefer numeric. 2nd and even more important when i export to excel it also gives me the long format making my reports and cross queries with other programs and databases incompatible. So here is my Question, How to i get my complete output (viewable & exportable) for the date to show up in Numeric form