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Date Format for Data Input in New FMP Solution

Question asked by Corker on Jun 2, 2011
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Date Format for Data Input in New FMP Solution


Our firm uses this date format across all applications: 2-Jun-2011. We have a FMP solution being designed for us. I've been playing with it on a remote server and notice when I try and type in a date in our format, a dialog appears with the message: "Must be in format 2011/06/02". I can also use the calendar dropdown - but when I'm inputting a lot of data, I'd rather type it in. I use Bento 4 and can easily type in data using this format. I did have to set a custom date in my System Preferences but Bento easily accepts this format. Is there a way to do this in FMP 11? I can't imagine Bento having a feature that FMP wouldn't have! I'd like to pass this information on to the developer working on our FMP solution. Thanks.