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Date Format Problem?

Question asked by MadMacs on May 20, 2011
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Date Format Problem?


Hi, hope someone can help. I imported a database from Bento which was fine, this included a date field in short form ie month, day and year but without time. Firstly when I try to do a search on the imported data it shows a nil return even though there are dates within the range searched. Secondly, if I perform a search on data added since the import it works fine, this suggests there is a formatting difference between the imported and newly entered data. The FMP database is set-up as a Date field, validated during data entry with user overide and 4 digit year. I have tried both indexed and non indexed. I am not interested in the time from a display point of view but appreciate it may be important because of the way dates are calculated 1-4000. I have tried exporting the field to numbers, cleaning it up and then reimporting but this did not work. I have tried recovering the database in case there was a problem but no errors were thrown up and the recovered database behaves no differently. There's probably something very obvious that I'm missing...any suggestions?  Many thanks.