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    date formats



      date formats


      I am trying to have a field save the modify date as dd-mm-yy.   I have tried many many things, including another field that works with the text strings.  That fails because the day of the month is either one or two characters and I cannot make it stay as 2 (with leading zero).  


      I can get the display to work but if i paste that date into a form it reverts back.  Seems like everything reverts back.


      Any help would be appreciated 

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          clone your file with a not American FM version.

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            its not an FMP thing.. FMP grabs the date from ur system...


            so, assuming you are using windows XP (possibly the same in VISTA)

            go to control panels / regional and language options / click on 'customize' / click on the 'date' tab / 

            then in the 'short date format' section, select the dd/mm/yy option in the drop down menu


             click ok, then click ok again...


            close FMP and reopen it, and ur dates should have the format dd-mm-yy


            if u're using a mac, i got no idea how to change the settings, but im sure u will figure it out..