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    Date formatting issue



      Date formatting issue


      Hi all,

      I am having a small issue with a file I created using Filemaker Adv.13 and served on server 13 latest update.

      The file contains many date fields and is used via web direct by users in Mexico, I went in layout mode and changed the formatting on the fields to custom set as dd/mm/yy. 

      The issue is that once the user attempts to enter the date they receive a message stating the format must be mm/dd/yy, and it will not accept the custom format however once the user puts in the date in the mm/dd/yy format, or if the user selects the date from a drop-down calendar once the field has been exited the format shown is dd/mm/yy (the custom formatting), upon entering the field again though it reverts back to mm/dd/yy.

      Has anyone else had this issue or can someone help resolve it




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            The data formatting options control how a date is displayed, not how it is entered, nor how it is stored.

            You can change the locality settings for your computer so that dates are DDMMYYYY instead of MMDDYYYY. You can set File Options for a FileMaker file to either use current system settings or the file's saved settings. This is the part of the system that will control whether entering 3/1/2014 is entering a date for March 1st or January 3rd.

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              I have checked the File Options set on the hosted file and they are set to "use system settings". I changed the system settings on my desktop and I also changed the language settings on chrome and found that if I open the file in Filemaker Pro the date fields are successfully changed to dd/mm/yyyy as we want, however if I log on using web direct as our users will be doing the date fields still require the user to input dates as mm/dd/yyyy. I rechecked chrome settings and deleted all languages except Spanish (latin america) with no avail.

              Any ideas?

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                If you are using web direct, you are using FileMaker Server to host the database. Have you changed the system settings on the computer that hosts your file?

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                  Hey Phil,

                  Thanks for your suggestion, I had already changed the system settings on the server and found that did not fix the issue, I changed them back and then changed it again along with a system restart and still nothing.

                  This is very strange

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                    You may need to report this as a possible bug over in Report an Issue and see what the FileMaker techs that monitor that section have to say about this issue.