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Date formatting issue with Get ( CurrentDate )

Question asked by WF7A on Oct 5, 2013
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Date formatting issue with Get ( CurrentDate )


     Hi, all:

     This is a little trickier than usual since this is for an international runtime solution so end users won't have the ability to change date formats (in date fields) for their own country's date format preference.

     Here's the scenario (FMP Advanced, v12.04, Mac)

     I have the date fields all set up as "As Entered" and in File > File Options > Text, I have it set to "Always use system settings." The problem is, when I use Get ( CurrentDate ) with the SetField script step, it inserts dates into date fields without leading zeroes and with slashes, e.g., 9/9/2013 ...even though the system preference for my computer (Mac) is MM-DD-YYYY.

     Is there a way to set up Get ( CurrentDate ) so it enters a date based on the computer's system settings?

     TIA for your replies,