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Date formatting problem.

Question asked by Charlie999 on Dec 31, 2011
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Date formatting problem.



I import a csv file regularly into my database that I download from a Joomla website of users.  It imports without problem.

One field is a time and date field which imports as shown below as one example.

2011-12-31 10:51:36

My question is how do I get filemaker to recognise that as a time and date or just the date to be honest?  If I make the field a date field it shows the ? symbol when I ask Filemaker to change its format.  ie if I ask it to show 31 Dec 2011.  If I leave it as entered it shows it OK but does not seem to recognise it.  When I use find mode and type in //2011 nothing appears!

I think I need a script to change the numbers about.