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DATE function - 2009 dates not populating

Question asked by krempch on Feb 3, 2009
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DATE function - 2009 dates not populating


I have 4 Calc fields that compute dates 6mo, 12mo, 24 mo, 36 mo. out from
the date entered in another field called "completed" (that field is Indexed DATE, 4-digit year).


The problem: records where the manually entered initial value of "completed"
is something in 2009, the 4 calc fields do not do the computation. (or there's an error and they don't display any dialog?).


If the initial date in "completed" was something 12/31/2008 or earlier, I can
manipulate the 4 calcs successfully. This is even true if I enter a date in 2009
there (as long as the 2009 was NOT the initial value).


Not sure what the issue might be. I am using FileMaker Pro 8 and 9 clients.

The database is on a FileMaker 9 box.