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    Date Function Calculation



      Date Function Calculation


      I am a FM Pro11 on XP user.

      I am developing a layout to calculate irregular payments.

      The question I have is based on this example; If terms will be "Monthly", the number of payments will be "12" and I enter the finance start date as say 10/14/2010, what is the best date function to calculate the end date of 10/14/2011. Then on line 2 I may enter the number of payments as "10" and need this to calculate the end date of 8/14/2012, and so on. I will need this calculation to work even if the term may be "Annual" or "Semi-Annual" or "Quartery"

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          Date ( Month ( FinanceStartDate ) + numberOfMonths ; day ( FinanceStartDate ) ; Year ( FinanceStartDate ) )

          You can also add 1 to the year instead of 12 to the month for your "monthly" option, but the above expression can be used for all periods of you either enter a number in a data field for NumberOfMonths or set it up as a calculation field that returns different numbers based on options selected in your "Term" field.

          Note also, that the above calculation may return a date near the beginning of the following month if Day ( FinanceStartDate ) is greater than 28. (Some months will not have a day 29, 30 or 31). If this is possible, you may want to modify the above calculation to return a date for the end of the month in those cases.