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Date not presenting itself correctly in a simple calculation

Question asked by WF7A on Oct 13, 2012


Date not presenting itself correctly in a simple calculation


     A little background, first:

     FMPA v12.02, Mac

     I originally composed the solution using US date formatting (MM-DD-YYYY) but since the solution will be marketed internationally, I changed the file options (in File Options > Text) from "Always Use current system settings" to "Ask whenever settings are dIfferent" so that if a user in Canada wants to use the YYYY-MM-DD format, instead, he or she has the option to do so.

     The problem is that after making that change to the file, the data inside an unstored calc won't update to the new format inside a merge field. For example, this calc, ReportFeedback__lct (stored as text):


     TextStyleAdd( "Feedback: "; Bold ) & ApplicationStatus__lxt &

     If ( not( IsEmpty( ApplicationStatus__lxd ) ); " on " & ApplicationStatus__lxd )

     ...won't show the correct format if placed in a merge field, like so: <<ReportFeedback__lct>>
     However, the correct date format will appear if the field, ApplicationStatus__lxd, is placed by itself inside a merge field, so it has something to do with the calc but I don't know what.
     So, what's causing that and is there a workaround? TIA for your help!