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    Date of birth calculation



      Date of birth calculation



           I have fields for age in years, age in months and date of birth. I have a calculation that will give me the age in years if I enter the date of birth. What what would be better, would be a calculation that gives me the date of birth, when I enter the age. Any ideas out there? I am fairly novice... so simplified instructions would be greatly appreciated. 

           Thank you!

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               I don't see how that calculation could work to give the date of birth unless you entered the age in years, months and days. (or just the age in total days.)

               Either that or you could enter the age in years and the current year's birthday to get the date of birth...

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                 Oh I should clarify, I left out an important part... I don't need the exact birth date. This is for an equine vet practice. Horses are all assumed to have a birthday of january 1st.  So really if my calculated date of birth could be displayed as 01/01/(correct year of birth), that would be good. Does that make it anymore possible??

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                   That makes it much, much simpler, but will "age in months" always be multiples of 12 or would a horse with a "birthdate" of 1/1/2012 currently have an age of 1 year, 7 months?

                   The basic calcluation would be:

                   Date ( 1 ; 1 ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - AgeInYears )

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                     Oh, Thank you! I guess that was pretty simple. The months part is not critical as I very rarely see young patients.  If I need to keep track of a youngsters age I will just do use the calculator in my head : )

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                       There's no reason why you can't track a patients age in years and months. It's just that you wouldn't use the number of months to compute the birth date.