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    Date perimeters



      Date perimeters


      Hello I need help please, I have a date field that I want to show this date on a report if it falls between two other date fields, if the date dos not fall in between the two dates then the space on report would be empty. I cant get my head round the calculation proses so witch formula would I need to use. Than you

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          Case (

          MyDate >= DateStart and MyDate <= EndDate ; MyDate ;




          Or with no extra calculation field you could use a conditional format to show it as white text if

          MyDate >= DateStart and MyDate <= EndDate

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            You replied:

            I entered the following but it would not work the fields that I used are all date fields.

            Case ( SiteProduct::ReChargeCalculation > = NextInspectionDueDate and SiteProduct::ReChargeCalculation < = __CalcInspectionPlusOneYear ;  SiteProduct::ReChargeCalculation;"")

            SiteProduct::ReChargeCalculation = Date I need entered on report
            NextInspectionDueDate = Start date
            __CalcInspectionPlusOneYear = End date

            Would you mind creating a custom dialogue, and as the calculation for the body of it, use this:
            "ReChargeCalculation: " & SiteProduct::ReChargeCalculation & "¶"
            "Next inspection due date: " & NextInspectionDueDate & "¶"
            "Start date (inspection): " & NextInspectionDueDate & "¶"
            "End date (inspection): " & __CalcInspectionPlusOneYear

            This will help debug what the values are in the parameters that it is using.  If you want us to look at it you could post a screen shot of how the dialogue looks.

            Does the same Start Date and End Date apply to every record? - in other words should these be global fields, or are they different start and end dates for every record?