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    Date range



      Date range


      What is my best option for standardizing a weekly report? I
      have the report done and the fields I want. The report is simple, it shows all our
      work done for that week (our week is Friday thru Thursday) with some finical
      information. I would like to specify the dates I want to review. Example
      tomorrow I would like to review in or weekly meeting last week’s jobs. What is
      my best option to press a button specify a date range and have it print. Thanks
      in advance.



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          You can find a date range by performing a find and in your date field setting a begin date then typing three dots ... and then typing an end date.

          Like so: 01/05/2012 ... 30/05/2012

          You can automate this with a script. Depending on how you want to do this.

          You could set two fields (defined with global storage) so you can set the beginning date and the end date yourself. And then click a button to show only records between those two dates.

          Or you could make a buton to show the records of the previous week.
          So you'll automatically get the records with a date between today and seven days ago.

          Or you could have one field in which you enter the amount of days you want to go back. (for instance 8 days) and you click a buttons to see all records between today and 8 days ago.

          If you can't figure out how to do it I'll make you a little example.

          I just helped someone else with a similar question: