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    date range



      date range



           i would like some help with finding records within date range.
           I would like to check if date field is within last 6 months from todays date. If true set check field to 1 or of false set field to 0.
           I have tried with IF and Case but it seams like they dont work with range.
           my calculation looks like this:
           Case (record checked=GetAsText(Get( CurrentDate ) - 183 ) & "..." & GetAsText(Get( CurrentDate ) - 1 );1;0)
           But it always return 0
           What do i do wrong

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               The date range you are using where you heve two dates with three dots in between them is actually a find operator.

               You use it while performing a find, but not in a calculation.

               From the top of my head, assuming your Date field is called "Date" it should be more like:

               If (
               Date  ≥ Get (CurrentDate ) - 183
               Date  ≤ Get (CurrentDate ) ;

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                 Thanks a lot it works