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date range calculation

Question asked by gug on Oct 31, 2010
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date range calculation


Can someone tell me what is wrong with this formula?:

Case ( date <1/1/2008 ; Ed net * .06; date  < 7/1/2010 ; Ed net * .05; date ≥7/1/2010 ; Ed net * .12; Ed net * 0 )

No matter what the date of the record, the formula delivers a result based on the third case. In other words it uses .12 as the multiplyer regardless of the date. The database has records with dates as old as 2006 and as new as a few days ago, so all three cases are in fact found in the database.

Filemaker accepts the formula, so structurally it seems fine. All the fields are properly referenced. I've rebooted and restarted.


Thanks. I appreciate your help.