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Date Range search and post count

Question asked by HiroshiTakeuchi on May 3, 2011
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Date Range search and post count



I am new to FileMaker and DB in general... I am trying to get the following data to show in the following way... 

I have a field where I have a History of dates and times: (example)

5/3/2011-9:21:59 AM

4/18/2011-9:26:31 AM

3/28/2011-9:10 AM

3/13/2011-10:54:02 AM

3/15/2011-6:29:11 AM

3/5/2011- 6:21:09 PM

3/5/2011-6:13:31 PM



What I want is to have a different field (example: MoCntMar) which should count the lines that have fall within the month of March, and then display that count in this field. (in this example would be 5)

I have tried a few things such as "IF" command but have not been able to get it to work... 

Any help will be really appreciated!

Hiroshi Takeuchi