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Date range within a portal!

Question asked by on Mar 20, 2012
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Date range within a portal!



I have a seies of records in a table called "sessions purchased". I have created a table and layout caled "finacial report" to display records from that table within a portal. The date range of the records show is defined by a "date from" and a "date to" field in the "financial report" table.

I have in the "filter portal records" the following

(Sessions Purchased::Sessions Purchased date ≥ Financial Reporting::From Date) and (Sessions Purchased::Sessions Purchased date ≤ Financial Reporting::To Date)

I cannot get anything to display in the portal. I know my problem I think is that I am not getting any related records from the "sessions purchased" table. I want to read the mall in then use the "filter portal records" to display just what I need. I can then change the dates in the "date from" and a "date to" fields to unpdate and display a different set of records in trhe protal.

Does this make sense, is this thre right way to go about it?

Thanks for any help.