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Date Range within a script

Question asked by JohnMcGlade on Jan 17, 2015
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Date Range within a script


I created a script that creates a date range based on todays date and a calculation on today's date.

I am using the set field function to populate the fields as follows:

Insert Current Date(Select, Current_date)

Set Field (Global Start Date = Current date + 1) 

Set Filed (Global End Date = Current date + 45)

Set Field (Date_Embark; Global_Start_Date & "..."& Global_End_Date) 

This final command sets the field to  1/17/2015...3/3/2015, which looks correct, but the system doesn't seem to see this as a date range and returns the response "No records match this find criteria"  There should be many records that match and when I input that same date range into the field, without using the script, it returns the correct records.

I'd appreciate any ideas on this.