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Date related Find problem.

Question asked by TuxfordC on Sep 16, 2012
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Date related Find problem.



                         I thought that I had solved this, but it has come back to haunt me.  I have a simple Table, recording donations to a Church.  The three relevant fields are;  ID a six figure number;  Amount_Given in $ and decimals;   Date in DD/MM/YYYY format.  The Table can record giving over several years and my need is to extract totals for individuals to claim Tax exemptions to their donations.   I set up a script with  Find  Amount_Given:[>0] ,  and Omit records where the Date fell outside the Tax period.  This appeared to work well until I found that anyone with a date outside to the Tax period was being Omitted completely.   As soon as the program found these non-complying dates, all of their records - including the ones that did fall inside the Tax year - were deleted from the Found Set.

        The Record contains a field for Total_Given and File maker was correctly relating this to the ID's and totalling the giving each person (ID) but as soon as  Filemaker found a date that was outside the specified period, it omitted everything related to that ID.   I guess that my logic is wrong, but how to fix it?

     Tuxford C.