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    Date Reminder Script



      Date Reminder Script


           I have a database that contains records with a "Sponsorship Invoice Due" date field (this is a repeating field)

           I would like to write a script that pulls all records found who's "Sponsorship Invoice Due" date falls between the current date and 5 days from the current date.

           I have tried to write a script - see attached but it keeps pulling all records from current date.

           Any help greatly appreciated.

      Go To Layout ["Contact Details" (Contacts)]
      Enter Find Mode [] // clear the pause check box
      Set Field [Contacts::Sponsorship Invoice Due[20] ; "" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 5)]
      Set Error capture [on] 
      Perform Find []
      If [Get ( FoundCount ) ]

         Show Custom Dialog ["Invoiced Due";"Do Invoices."]
      End If