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    Date Search



      Date Search



      Can you please help


      Can I do a search using a date field I want to be able to search by entering month and year only how can I set this up please.




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                                   A date in a date field or in a calculation field that produces a date result
                                   The date as digits, separated by a valid date separator character (such as a slash or hyphen)
          Note  For help entering dates with the drop-down calendar, see Working with data in date fields
          3/3/2010 finds 3/3/2010, March 3, 2010, and 3-3-2010
                                   Dates on a day of the week in a date or timestamp field
                                   The day of the week
          Note  Full or short day names (for example, Friday or Fri) are acceptable in day of week searches
          Tuesday finds all dates that occur on a Tuesday
          =Thu finds all dates that occur on a Thursday
                                   Any valid value for a date or time component in a date, time, or timestamp field
                                   * or leave component unspecified, while specifying the other components you want to find
          5/12/* finds the 12th day of May in any year
          5/12 finds the 12th day of May in the current year
          *:15 finds times 15 minutes after any hour
          1/1/* 7 PM finds timestamps in the 7 o’clock PM hour on January 1st in any year

               When you enter numbers, dates, days of the week, times, and timestamps into find requests, always enter them using the appropriate system or file settings that are in use.


                                   When searching for ranges of information in date, time, and timestamp fields, you don’t have to specify all date or time components. For example, you can type 5/2010 instead of 5/1/2010...5/31/2010 to find all dates in May 2010.
                                   You can combine operators to simplify range searches. For example, type */{10..15}/2010 to search for all dates in 2010, but only for days from the 10th through the 15th.