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    Date Value in mm/yyyy form?



      Date Value in mm/yyyy form?


      Hello everyone,

      This may be a ridiculous question.  But I have a start date and and end date variable, that is currently defined as a date (not a number).  I only need month and year, but even when I try to change the custom setting an error message pops up saying the value must be in the dd/mm/yyyy form, rather than mm/yyyy.  How do I change this?  



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          With date fields, the value stored is the number of days from 12/31/0000 to the date shown in the field. If you do not enter a day, FileMaker has no way to store that number.

          You could use a text field for entering this value and a calculation can then turn it into a date with a 1 for the day.

          If you have FileMaker 11 or 12, you can also use the OnValidate trigger to perform a script that takes the month and year entered and changes if into the needed mm/01/yyyy or 01/mm/yyyy entry needed before the field's built in validation can kick in and tell you your date is invalid.