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Date year showing two of four numbers in Japanese

Question asked by casey777 on Aug 24, 2011
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Date year showing two of four numbers in Japanese


I prepared a solution for a client which naturally includes date fields. I formatted the fields to show the long format of month, day, and year. It displays correctly on my Mac laptops using version 11.0v4. However, on the clients iMacs using version 11 also, the dates display incorrectly as shown below. 

We have discussed Filemaker font options, but that does not seem to be the problem, and I am now suggesting his iMacs have an incorrect setting in their system preferences. 
I do not know if he has a date formatting problem in any other applications. I also emailed him an empty copy of Filemaker's starter solution, Event Management, and he has the same problem with it. 
It seems like it probably has an easy solution, but I can't find it so far and would like some help.