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    Date/Time pop up field...



      Date/Time pop up field...




      I recently switched to Filemaker Pro 9 (Mac) from Bento.


      A feature that I used on a daily basis was a pop up calendar field that also included a time setting as well.


      As far as I can see in FMP, I can set up a pop up calendar but I can't find a way to also include the time setting like Bento offers in the same field.


      Is there a way to do this in FMP9?





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          Thank you for your post.


          Besides Date type and Time type fields, FileMaker Pro does have a Timestamp type field that displays both Date and Time.  However, there is no pop-up calendar that displays time.  When you first enter a date from the pop-up calendar, the current time is placed into the field.  You can then modify the time.



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            Thanks for the response.


            Is there anyway to set a default time to appear?


            I have the field set to use the pop up calendar and I would like the time to alway default to 10:00am.



            Thanks again,



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              One of the options for a field is to Auto-enter data.  However, with a Timestamp field, you would need to enter the date AND time.  Therefore, you could have as a default: 1/1/2008 10:00 AM


              Then, when you select the date from the pop-up calendar, you could select the date and the time would already be entered.


              Not the most elegant solution, but it may save you some time.



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                Hi Rackman


                yes, it is possible to set a default time.


                Let say that that the name of your field is: "MyDate"...


                You have to put this calculation into the auto-enter option of that field:


                Timestamp ( MyDate ; 10*60*60 )