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    Dates - changing the formatting



      Dates - changing the formatting


      This is first request on formatting dates.  The first is I need to put a date in a field which is a future and then I need to add 10 years to it less 1 day.  The problem is if I put in 1 July 2009 and then need to have it be be 30 June 2039 but right now I am using the following formula and getting 0 July 2009.


      Thanks for any help on this.





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          First, make sure you enter the date into a Date field. Then define a second field as a Calculation field (result type is Date) =


          Date ( Month ( EnteredDate ) ; Day ( EnteredDate ) ; Year ( EnteredDate ) + 10 ) - 1 



          You can format both fields to display any way you like, using Format > Date… while you are in Layout mode.