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Question asked by Martin1 on Oct 20, 2008
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Following on my previous post in relation to searching within dates I have encountered a further problem.


In creating a spreadsheet I want to search records within a range by month, I have tried 10/2008 for this month and 1/0/2008...31/10/2008 but this does not show any records. The frustrating part is I know they are there because I put them in !


The date field is set to date rather than text but may have been text previously, would this have any effect ?


I have even tried to find in 2 fields with one being case status which is a range 1 to 6 and then by date but then it find say all the 6's across all dates not the date range I put in.


This is quite a similar problem to the one I had previously, I hope someone is able to help, I am extremely frustrated !!! :smileymad: