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day camp/membership database setup

Question asked by pv on Feb 17, 2010
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day camp/membership database setup


I've been using filemaker since 4.1 (a wonderful program), but I'm not using it anywhere near its potential.

I currently have 8.5, am thinking about upgrading to 10 advanced (I would like to have parents being able to sign up their kids online (how exciting)

I have a day camp with 150 kids that go into 9 different groups based on age and sign up for camp from 1 to 10 weeks.

(including other things like t-shirt size, allergies, day notes...)

I need to make team lists each day of which kids are signed up for which weeks grouped according to their group (age).

Now all my fields are text fields (week1, week2, week3... & group1, group2...) and then I have value lists of week1 list = "june 5-june 10" and so on and group1ist1 =  "pinecones" (the name of one of the groups)

In my layout, when I enter a new camper, I have the fields set up as checkbox sets. So I have all 10 weeks as seperate fields(week1, week2...), showing checkboxes with the weeklist being diplayed ("june5-10", "june13-jun19"...), and all 9 groups displayed the same way & the various other ifo all as text fields.

So, whenever I need to print a team list, signout sheet or whatever, I goto a layout showing the 9 fields of group names & the 10 fields of weeks & the user needs to check 1st the group then the week, then continue. So if they want a team list for the whole camp, they have to do that 9 times (for each group for that particular week).

sounds crazy & stupid

If I set up a text field called groups with a value list of all 9 groups & a text field called weeks with a value list of all the weeks, I can't figure out how to go thru both them fields for summaries for team list, (need each week), sign out/in sheets (need each day) and the other things (t-shirt size and what not)

thanks for any input